Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stainless steel serveware

So, not too long ago, I designed this group of stainless steel serveware items for a client. Its a combo of a couple of lighting pieces, and the serveware. In the set there is a platter, large bowl (with clear plastic insert) chip&dip, and the votive candle holder and the hexagonal candle holder.

This was an interesting project, not because designing metal serveware is intellectually challenging, but because of the various challenges an independent designer faces working with a company.
Often, the aesthetics of the designer and client don't match (surprise), and often, there are conflicting directions coming from within the client's own structure. For instance, the head of the department, who supervises the project lead who contracted me to do the work can have very different ideas of what the project is going to accomplish. As a consequence, the project lead and the dept. head go back and forth over aesthetic (patterns, shapes, proportions, etc), leaving me, the lowly designer, stuck in the middle trying, like a person stuck in a dark room, arms outstretched, feeling around for the right direction. Despite these challenges, I think it turned out well. We'll see. We should be seeing the first finished pieces pretty darn soon. The Fall market is coming up next month in NYC, at which point, if the set has made the earlier cuts (which I think it did), there should be samples on their way from China any day now. Some time after that, I should get a set...I'll photograph it and you can see it. Stay tuned.

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