Thursday, September 14, 2006


Once upon a time, Dansk created a tabletop set called the BLT: Breakfast, Lunch, Tea. Apparently it was a great success. It consisted simply of a deep plate, about 10.5" diameter, a cereal bowl and a small mug. It was rough hewn, rustically glazed and a bit on the chunky side with thick rims, etc. Very nice. It was all tied up with a hemp line, like a Japanese package. Back in the day when being different, innovative and fun were understood as a good thing, not as risky (my cynicism coming out), you could do things like that- every body got what they wanted...The designers got to show their skill and fun thinking, the company showed their uniqueness, the retailers got the clientele and the business...So anyway. While I was at Dansk, they tried to revive the idea of the BLT. To my knowledge it was less of a success. I can honestly say I was not happy with how my designs for the pieces were produced, glazed etc., but I really like how my packaging concept came out. That part was developed by an outside graphics/packaging firm.

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