Friday, April 24, 2009

Strain on my marriage....

New Ride. 52 cm. Replaces the '07 version of the same bike that is a 54 cm which is too big for me. Paulo Bettini complained to Specialized that his 48cm was too tall at the headtube for the given size of his bike, and I tend to agree. Though I am told that they are not abnormally tall at the front end compared to other bikes...I haven't gone as far as busting out the tape measure and the straight edges, but based on how hard it was to get the 54 feeling right, I'm guessing that the head tube was tall. Anyway. I haven't ridden it yet...I'm almost afraid. Its so clean, pristine and jewel like. Dare I ride it in a crit? I waxed it before I began the build so that it wouldn't get covered w/ grease. I have a problem...Today I get the head tube cut, bar tape on, and cables connected...exciting. Now, will it make me faster?

ed: I've ridden this bike now for a few weeks and I can say with out a doubt that this is the BEST bike I have ever owned. It is amazing in most every way. Every time I race it I am pleased and amazed at how well it handles; sprints, corners, descents-awesome. Its a rocket in the big kicks, but isn't rattling out my fillings. It climbs like a goat without being twitchy on the down hill and it has almost no sway in the lows when I'm hammering the flats. I love it. Thanks Specialized, for the deal on the frame. Go buy one.

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